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idk what I played but I think I'm cursed now, thanks!


Really beautiful visual effects...

Very cool experience. Made me really uncomfortable at first for some reason, so if that's the intention, well done! ;)

I really dig the way it opens up and shows you a bigger and bigger weird world as you progress. Gives a really good feeling of more understanding and control over the situation even though it's so abstract.

I did have some issues reading the text, it was often very hard to find the right angle for the blur to sharpen without the text clipping through something. Not sure if the effect is dependant on screen resolution or aspect ratio, when I compare with the screenshots here my play-through seemed much more blurry 🤔

Wow, that emoji got huge for some reason...

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thanks for the feedback!

don't worry it's not just you, the text is very blurry and hard to read at first but it should sharpen up once the fog is cleared, which is unlocked by navigating to a location outside the first main "area" in the game

and yeah i dont know why the emoji is so big 😂