V O ID v1.1 - fixed flying character

hi folks! this build is technically from May but i forgot to build and upload it (whoops) so here it is!

i fixed Kha, the playable character with the flying ability (the character was completely unusable before)

as of now the core mechanics all seem to be working properly, i doubt ill actually add much more to this or "finish" it but i wanted to at least get this build uploaded since this version is way more stable

i also switched the game's main page from a message board to regular comments so if you have any questions or comments you can now do that!

as usual feel free to reach out to me here or on Twitter @ThanaOrchard if you have any thoughts, questions, or anything else you would like to share

have fun and thanks for your patience!

current build: 2019-5-26_v1.1


V O ID - Windows.zip 58 MB
Oct 13, 2019
V O ID - Mac.zip 64 MB
Oct 13, 2019
V O ID - Linux.zip 65 MB
Oct 13, 2019

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